Sciton Lasers | Advanced Laser Trainings in Oklahoma

Sciton Lasers Advanced Laser Trainings in Oklahoma

Radiance Medical Aesthetics is proud to partner with Sciton to provide advanced laser training in Oklahoma City. Training is developed and delivered by certified Sciton Luminary Trainers, Kasey L. Swayden, PA-C and Emily Bartel, RN.

With a combined 25 years of experience in light and energy-based devices and a commitment to continuing education, Kasey and Emily have developed a laser training program that puts results and safety first.

Courses Offered

  • Just the Basics: BBL & Moxi
  • Just the Basics: Halo
  • Combination Treatments: Stacking Treatments for Stunning Results
  • The Art of the Consultation
  • Treating Skin of Color

Private and small group classes are coming soon! To request a private training or to get more information about group training, please submit the form below.