What constitutes youthful-looking skin? Usually, you’re thinking of skin that is smooth, firm, hydrated, and glowing. The tone and contour of youthful skin is due to the composition of collagen within it. Skin radiance is a result of cell renewal and turnover: light reflects better off of smooth skin. Glowing skin is also supported by good blood flow, as it brings needed oxygen and nutrients.

Morpheus 8As we age, our skin’s cell turnover slows. This decrease in turnover allows dead skin cells to accumulate, giving the skin a dull appearance. In addition, environmental factors such as stress, smoking, pollution, and sun damage cause the breakdown of collagen, resulting in uneven texture, loss of firmness, and wrinkles. Microneedling treatment benefits the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. The procedure also increases blood flow. While microneedling can be performed as a stand-alone treatment, it can also be combined with radiofrequency heat for additional benefits and results, as the addition gives a firming and tightening effect to the skin. For best results, both treatments may require a series of treatments and both can safely be administered to various skin types and tones.

Microneedling vs. RF Microneedling: What’s the Difference?

Standard microneedling employs the use of a dermaroller with tiny needles. These prick the skin, causing the generation of new collagen and skin tissue. As the healing ensues, the skin texture is improved and tightened, and acne scars appear softer and less noticeable. Primarily used to treat facial skin for acne scarring, wrinkling, or large pores, microneedling treatments produce overall smoother, more toned skin.
RF microneedling means radiofrequency microneedling. RF microneedling takes microneedling a step further with the addition of radiofrequency heat energy. As in standard microneedling, the skin is penetrated by tiny needles to encourage collagen production. However, the addition of radio frequencies assists in breaking down scar tissue and making it easier to remove.

Prior to this innovation in technology, heating of the deeper skin tissue required energy delivery through the skin’s surface. This limited the amount of radiofrequency energy that could be administered, as too much energy could damage the surface of the skin. RF microneedles deliver the energy from their tips after penetration of the skin. This allows the radiofrequency heat energy to cause the increase of collagen and elastin production to be amplified. Effective tightening of the skin and remodeling of scar tissue is the result. RF microneedling allows the deep dermis to benefit without the risk of damaging the skin’s surface.

Fractora (Microneedling)

Fractora is a fractional skin resurfacing and subdermal tissue coagulation device that delivers firmer, smoother skin by promoting the remodeling of skin tissue and the production of collagen. Fractora has proven to be very effective in reducing cystic acne and acne scarring. It is also safe to use on skin type VI with little risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). PIH can often result from other skin resurfacing treatments.

What can Fractora Treat?

• Acne and acne scarring
• Lower eyelids bags
• Upper eyelids wrinkling
• Smile lines
• Forehead lines
• Fine lines and wrinkles on the cheeks
• Lines around the mouth
• Neck wrinkles and lines

Morpheus8 (RF Microneedling)

Morphheus8 is a minimally invasive Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device (SARD). It is designed to reconstruct collagen and thicken adipose tissue. The Morpheus8 uses a variety of interchangeable microneedling tips, with different pin configurations. This allows aestheticians to provide non-invasive, non-surgical, customized fractional skin treatment. Morpheus8 delivers the deepest fractional treatments available via an advanced microneedling technique. The machine’s tiny needles penetrate subdermal tissue up to 8mm (7mm + 1mm thermal profile).

Morpheus 8 on knee

What Can the Morpheus8 Treat?

The Morpheus8 is effective in treating large or small body areas in addition to facial soft tissue areas.
• Acne or acne scars
• Dull or poor skin texture
• Sun damage and pigmentation
• Deep lines and creases
• Mild sagging or jowls
• Enlarged pores
• Stretch marks

Both microneedling and RF microneedling can be used to improve and tighten various skin areas, improving its look, feel, and general health. Following either treatment, there is little to no discomfort; the skin is typically red and/or slightly swollen for 24-48 hours. Most clients are able to return to their regular activities on the day after the treatment. Given that the procedure involves making tiny punctures in the skin, we recommend avoiding the use of makeup for three to four days following the treatment session.


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