Microneedling has become a highly-requested service in the skincare industry. It is sometimes used as a general skin improvement treatment, rather than to address a specific skin concern. SkinPen® makes incredibly small injuries to the skin in order to stimulate the body’s natural wound-healing process. The result is effective remodeling of scar tissue, while minimizing cellular damage and maintaining the general structure of the skin.

What is SkinPen®?

SkinPen® is manufactured by Crown Aesthetics. It is the first microneedling device cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and clinically proven to safely and effectively treat facial acne scars. SkinPen® triggers your skin ‘s natural collagen production by penetrating it with tiny needles. The process creates micro-injuries that cause your skin to react by healing the tiny punctures. As a result, your skin looks fresher, tighter, and smoother. This is thanks to your skin’s increased collagen and elastin. This process does not cause scar tissue.

SkinPen® is a microneedling treatment that uses your skin’s natural healing properties to reduce wrinkles, scarring, and other imperfections. It can be used on any area of your skin. The treatment is quick and painless, taking only thirty minutes and beneficial for any skin type. This treatment can easily be performed on a lunch break and requires no downtime. Unlike some skin treatments, SkinPen® has been clinically proven to be effective on skin tones ranging from light to very dark. In addition, properly monitored and scheduled SkinPen® treatments can be used for years, unlike lasers or chemical peels that can damage skin with long-term use.

What is PRP?

PRP is an acronym for platelet-rich plasma. This is when a sample of your blood is taken and spun, separating the plasma, which is then used during your microneedling process. It is your own blood and your own natural properties being used to repair damaged tissue. Adding this process to your microneedling procedure can help accelerate the healing process. While microneedling is perfectly safe and effective, the addition of PRP can help speed the process along with your own blood.

before and after skinpen

SkinPen® with PRP

SkinPen® with PRP is a great option to reduce scarring, but it is also beneficial in treating skin damage resulting from the aging process or sun exposure. You receive all of the benefits of microneedling with a little extra love and care from your own platelets. This natural option allows you to use your own body's defenses to fight aging and scarring, resulting in smoother, more radiant skin.

Vanessa holding Skin Pen

SkinPen® Without PRP

The SkinPen® treatment alone is a great option for anyone who wants to fight scarring and aging. While healing is a bit slower than SkinPen® with PRP treatment, it is still a very effective therapy that can trigger your skin’s natural defenses to produce more beautiful skin.

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